Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've just moved to a new city and am loving my bike more than ever. I bike to class, to the coffee shop, and even to some craft fairs. So here's some bike-love:

Even Dinosaurs Ride Bikes Studs / $4 by Stacysaurusshop

Biking is all the rage -- it's eco-friendly, free, and keeps you in shape. It's so popular, even the extinct are doing it. Show your dino-biker pride with these stylish earrings.

Penny-Farthing for your Thoughts / $30
by IreneSuchoki

This print is so serene and surreal, it makes me want to jump on a bike and head for the hills. The vintage quality and dusty overtones make it feel like an old, forgotten photograph from Grandpa's attic. Originally a photograph, Irene uses mixed media and collage (among other methods, I'm sure) to bring her scenes to life.

Retro Bicycle – Set of Five Cards / $12.50 by RedBrickEscape

I love cards and stationery, and I love these classy bike cards from Red Brick Escape. On classy linen paper, these are sure to make a statement, no matter what you write (maybe a biking haiku?) New to Etsy, this store has some incredible designs -- I also adore their City Scape and umbrella cards.

Grocery Getter Red Bicycle Tote Bag / $24 by Melissavest

Everyone knows plastic bags are out, and reusable, recyclable grocery bags are in! Instead of lugging awkward, flimsy bags home, let this over-sized tote bag to do the heavy work for you. It's true, you can be green and stylish.

Bicycle T-Shirt by Drew Devereaux / $18 by MakeSomethingNew

I don't know what it is about this awesome bike shirt, but it makes me want to hop on my bike and go somewhere cool. Like the zoo, or a funky craft fair. What's even better than that, is that this shirt comes in almost any color and any size!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you're like me, you haven't bought a thing. Here are some of my favorite love inspired (or not) items, perfect for February 14th:

TRANSFER – Happy Valentine's Day / $6 by Carla Sonheim

Carla Sonheim creates whimsical iron-ons, prints and sewable patches to add to your own arts and crafts. She's a veteran of Etsy, having sold almost 2,000 items!

Crap the Funky Swearing Monster / $9 by Moose and Bear

Not feeling the love this year? Know an anti-couple's day advocate? Maybe you need this plush monster to describe how you feel about Valentine's Day.

Poetry for Your Neck in Sterling and Aqua / $110 by nouveauxjewels

Can't decide between poetry and jewelry? Don't really want to write a love poem for your sweetheart? This is the perfect solution. The bead reads, "The mind has corridors surpassing material space." What could be more romantic?

Handful of Love 8x10 Limited Edition Signed Fine Art Print / $20 by PawPrintsProject

Love animals? 10% of all proceeds from PawPrintsProject's store, which specializes in digitally altered images of adorable animals, go towards animal shelters. Why not spread the love in two directions this February? Plus, kitties are so cute.

Assorted Chocolate Covered Bon-Bon Magnets / $5.50 by BriteIdeas

Sick of getting that heart-shaped box full of old Valentine's Day candy? BriteIdeas (maker of fabulous night-lights) has fashioned some bon-bon magnets to tempt you instead. Why are these better than chocolate? They won't make you gain weight and they'll never go bad.